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Past Life Interpretive Reports

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PAST LIFE REPORTS A Past Life Report interprets your astrology chart from a metaphysical perspective. The authors believe that a person is born at a certain time not by chance, but because the astrological forces at that moment are designed to help you learn the lessons and highlight the talents that are most appropriate for you to have in this life.

A Past Life Report is an esoteric point of view and look into the souls intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime based on reveberations on past lifetime.

Each report is written by a different astrologer. There are three major software companies that provide these reports.

Cosmic Patterns reports require a software program to run the reports. It states in parenthesis next to the report which programs the report can use (either Sirius, Kepler or Pegusus).

Astrolabe (Solar Fire) and Matrix (WinStar) reports are stand alone and do not require basic astrology software to work. You can view the sample printouts to see which report you like best.

Cosmic Patterns Add On Reports

Past Life Gif Edgar Cayce Past Life Natal Report by Ry Redd (requires Sirius, Kepler or Pegusus software)

Past Life Gif Karmic Insight Report by Gina Ronco (requires Sirius, Kepler or Pegusus software)

Past Life Gif Karmic Past Life Report by Terri Rohde (requires Sirius, Kepler or Pegusus software)

Matrix Add On Reports

Specialized Gif PAST LIVES REPORT no extra software required--runs as a stand alone program)

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