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WinStar/Matrix Astrology Software

Please Note: OPENED OR DOWNLOADED SOFTWARE IS NON-REFUNDABLE. Also prices are subject to change without notice. You will always get the same price as offered by the manufacturer, including sale prices, whether it has been updated here or not.

Note: Often Win*Star has various software sales. If you are interested, please contact me for any current specials.

Price: $399.95 plus shipping/handling for Win*Star Professional Version.

$249.95 plus shipping/handling for Win*Star Extended Version

$199.95 plus shipping/handling for Basic Win*Star version.

Note: All software orders are final once shipped and not refundable.

Please note that because of variable shipping charges in the U.S., the shipping prices shown at checkout are best guess estimates. Your shipping charge may be more or less than what is actually shown. Shipping costs are more difficult to estimate outside of the United States.
Press here to order.

Matrix Software, makers of WinStar, is a professional astrology software. They also have a vast selection of astrological report writers for additional purchase. These report writers are also available as stand alone software. In other words, you may purchase them without purchasing the WinStar software. I am in the process of updating my website with Matrix Software information. If you would like more information, please contact me at or (406) 522-9560 and I will either call or write you with further information.

Win*Star Basic Version for $199.95 plus s/h

+ Matrix Search Lite
+ Matrix Horizons Lite
+ PDF Capabilities
+ Improved 90 Dial
+ Local Space
+ Improved Graphic Interface
+ Pop-up Interpretations
+ You can choose between:
Swiss Ephemeris (6,000 years)
Matrix Ephemeris
+ How to Learn Astrology
e-book by Michael Erlewine
+ A.T. Mann's Lifetime Arcs

Win*Star Extended Version for $299.95 plus s/h

All Win*Star Version 4.0 Features
+ Two Chart Display
Display two single charts
Display two separate charts
+ Extended Tools
Aspects List Box
Data Control
Arabic parts
Star*Types Pattern
Around the Wheel
Planetary Hours
Phase Chart
+ Designer Wheels Capabilities
Six Designs Included
+ Free 30 day trial of
Win*Star Extended

Win*Star Professional System $399.95 plus s/h

All Win*Star Version 4.0 Features
All Win*Star Extended Features
+ You can choose between:
Swiss Ephemeris (6,000 years)
Matrix Ephemeris
+ Full Matrix Search - Time Machine
Search Interpreter
30 Years Saturn Transit Report
Yearly Stations report
Monthly Tra-Prog (Two Charts)
Yearly Tra-Prog (Two Charts)
Life Scans
Decades - Tra & Prog
. . . and More.
+ Full Horizons - Earth and Sky Maps
Planet line interpretations for:
Additional interpretive text for:
Local Space
Built-in Text Editor
+ Day Watch - Astrological Calendar

System Requirements:

PC running Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7

64 or 32 bit versions of Windows

512 MB RAM

400 MB Hard Drive Space


Win*Star Basic Version for $199.95 Plus Shipping/Handling  

Win*Star Extended Version for $299.95 Plus Shipping/Handling  

Win*Star Professional System $399.95 Plus Shipping/Handling  

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